We should not be afraid of policemen!

We should not be afraid of policemen! By definition, policemen should be the ones protecting the common man. Yet, who the hell likes cops? Should we all think they are bastard pigs? No. They should help us. Yes, some officers of the law catch murderers, thieves and the like. And of course, individual policemen can be nice people. So can drug dealers. Yet, I hate cops because I get a speeding ticket for driving 72 in a 65, and there are people freaking out because they could do real JAIL TIME for having weed in their pocket. I don’t even think drugs are good, but still. Come on, some eighteen year old toking up in his backyard does not hurt anyone. Some say, “Not true! He’s hurting himself!” Alright. We can agree to disagree, even though medical science disagrees with you. Yes, people can become unmotivated pot heads or whatever, but hey, that’s there life to do with as they please. Even if it does hurt them, there’s no law against me punching myself in the face is there? It’s a funny example, but a solid one. Anywho, why do we uphold a system which does not allow people to do as they please (obviously, without causing harm to others)? We literally pay money to a government who pays a policeman who we hate for giving us speeding tickets.


2 thoughts on “We should not be afraid of policemen!

  1. The day punching yourself in the face is illegal is the day that I say “No more.” I will stand up and fight for my right to bludgeon myself in my face with ANY, I say, ANY fist that is my own!

    Cops just end up escalating most of the non-violent situations. The best case for police in drugs is that they make it more profitable for the drug dealers by cutting out peaceful competition.

    • Absolutely. If the people think drugs are bad, legalize them and give them the choice to buy them or not. If no one buys pot, no one will grow it and it will put itself out of existence. That’s both democracy and capitalism.

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