Cacophony of Crickets

Tonight I was walking down a path near my dorm at about midnight. I am a monstrous fan of the night, especially the outdoors, and the seclusion which a combination of the two can bring. At one point in the path, both of its sides were covered with large bushes. I took a moment to breath while still walking and simply listened to the sounds around me. My focus was on nothing but deep breath and my senses. In situations such as this my mind tends to wandered towards and focus on perception and such. I began to center my own perception on sound, and the crickets chirping around me from their various hiding spots in the many bushes drew my attention.

A cricket is tiny, and its chirping is not much individually. However, collectively the crickets were making quite the racket. As I continued to walk and listen though, I began to really hear the cacophony as a whole. It was as if the crickets were all a part of a symphony, with each cricket contributing its own individual chirps. This symphony was not pleasing to the ear; it was by no human, musical measurements decent in any way. However, it was kind of beautiful to think of how the complete set of chirping was perceived by a relatively large, outside subject (me).

In a way, it reminded me of humans. Each of us goes throughout our lives banging pots and pans and causing as much ruckus as possible just to prove to our twisted egos we aren’t as small as we really are. When space, or even the sheer size of our Earth, countries or even cities are contemplated, only one conclusion can be drawn: one human is absolutely tiny. There are simply so many human beings in the world.

Some people are great; some are horrible; some are beautiful; some are dumb. No matter what their label is though, every single person contributes their unique chirps to the cacophony of humanity. Each piece of seeming disharmony is really completely harmonious in ways which a simple, human brain is incapable of comprehending or even acknowledging fully.

As I began to attempt to understand this, my next thought was, “Well, how do I apply this abstract comparison?” Since I understand we, as a race, are merely yelling into oblivion with no objective other than to make some noise in our own ‘personal’ concertos, two options are available: Scream and yell and make as much of a difference as possible in the dissonance, or do absolutely nothing.

I concluded that I respect the fact that some will use their ability of choice to do nothing, and I understand their choice, unlike most people who unconsciously make noise. It is their choice to separate from the arguably meaninglessness chorus. I simply choose to make an uproar, while many of the minority of people who actually begin to comprehend our nothingness, may see this as pointless. It is a paradox, with stupid people on every side (as with most decisions which exist).

Whatever anyone’s choice is (in any other situation, as well), it is acceptable, as long as the individual acknowledges the implications of their choice, as well as the meanings of the other routes the fork in the road may have lead to. This is my personal philosophy, and these were my thoughts on a cacophony of crickets as I walked along a dark path tonight.


I’m a Weirdo! (And you can too!)

It’s true. I am, in fact, a weirdo. I am not like other people in many, many different ways. Is this a bad thing though? The term weird usually has negative connotations associated with it. However, I disagree. The term weird is very relative. What is weird to one person may not be completely mundane to another. For example, in some ancient societies, animals were considered sacred. In fact, some were considered to be more important than most living, breathing, thinking humans. In most of the modern world, especially first world countries, this is not the case (well, unless you are a member of PETA!). The word ‘weird’ has to do with something being strange or abnormal. In this case, weird is not so bad when you think about it. What’s so great about being normal? Why be the type of person who does not make any kind of splash and contributes to holding the status quo in place? People like Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur, John F. Kennedy, Louis Armstrong are all weird. They truly are abnormal. The works of these men were all revolutionary; it changed their specific fields and altered the course of the world. Being weird; fighting the status quo; working against the mainstream; so many different ways to say the same thing and yet people still hold a negative view of the word weird. Why are people ‘naturally’ drawn to act the same as everyone else? Why do so many people try to become lost in the crowd? Why do people try to throw the stones, which are their lives, into the river of society without even trying to make a splash? Who knows? Maybe it’s just human nature. Maybe it’s been ingrained into our brains by a society which hates freethinking innovators. All I know is I’m weird and proud of it! I do what I believe is right, regardless of societal norms and will continue to do so! I’m a weirdo.

Libertarians, and Some Misconceived Perceptions of Them

I hate when people hear ‘libertarian’ and assume :

A. Corporate-loving hater of the common man.

B. Selfish bastard.

C. Egotistical scum.

A. Libertarians love the common man. Personally, I’m all about small businesses! They’re the real backbone of the economy, and America in general. Corporations don’t like less regulation, in fact, many of them gain from Big Government policy, such as infrastructure, weapons production and the like. I can’t stand most corporations because they tend to muck up the water. Corporations (not all) tend to be all about deceit. How can nine out of ten dentists recommend all of the different brands of toothpaste?!? Personally, the best products should be able to be bought without too much confusion and the companies who provide said products should be rewarded by the free market. We, as consumers, vote on what we believe is best with our dollars. We trade our hard earned money for what we believe is worth it. Money is just the medium by which we trade our value to society.

B. Libertarians are not selfish in the sense of wanting the best for their fellow humans. Most of my good libertarian folk just believe that, for the most part, people should earn it for themselves. Of course, most libertarians are not unreasonable extremists. Virtually no one wants to get rid of charitable programs. They fight for the good of those who cannot provide for themselves (the handicapped, infirm, Third World Countries, etc.). There just shouldn’t be the government’s guns forcing donations. That is essentially what welfare programs are. Pay or go to jail. Help the needed or spend time as a criminal in a correctional facility. Are you kidding me? It doesn’t sound so good when said so bluntly, eh?

C. Are most libertarians just looking out for themselves? Maybe in certain ways, but in general, no. Libertarians believe in doing what you wish, as long as your actions do not cause harm to others. Just because you are a minority, should you be forced to do as the majority dictates? Why should those who choose to marry another man be denied this basic right? No harm is done to others. The problem with progresses thinking, such a libertarianism, anarchism and he like is that believers in these schools of thought would never force them upon others. This would be immoral. On the other hand, however, those with imperialistic, deceptive, delusional political viewpoints *cough cough* Republicans *cough cough* Democrats *cough cough* have no problem forcing their own sick agendas on as many people who are dumb or uneducated enough to swallow the little pills given to them.

Those who believe in thought would never force thinking upon people. Support it, absolutely; promote it, youbetcha; tell others because it benefits all parties involved, of course! Those who believe in unthinking, however, are glad to keep others from thinking. Oh, the woes of a rational human being.

Human Mating Rituals

Bugs are weird. Right?

All animals (including humans), insects, fish, etc. reproduce. They instinctively do so. Of course, each individual species does this in different ways. For example, certain butterflies, such as the ones above, attract mates by flashing the designs on their wings in a way other butterflies find attractive, for whatever reason. As a human being, I think this is way weird. When you think about it, though, men do some pretty weird stuff to attract mates. Imagine viewing human mating rituals from the perspective of an alien observer (which probably has been done and studied thoroughly). Guys lifting weights to build muscles they will never use because they think girls like it. Men, with functioning brains (probably not, actually), spending hundreds of dollars on fancy jeans because they think the more money they spend on their meaningless clothes the more girls will want to rip said clothes off of them. Earned money is spent on fake tans, that new hair cut (which everyone already has), fancy shoes and similar appearance-based purchases. Why? To attract the kind of women who buy into fake tans, steroid based muscles, etc. Women who tend to be shallow and stupid (or at least pretend to be stupid). This is only good if you yourself are stupid, in which case you two can go ahead and make stupid babies together.



We should not be afraid of policemen!

We should not be afraid of policemen! By definition, policemen should be the ones protecting the common man. Yet, who the hell likes cops? Should we all think they are bastard pigs? No. They should help us. Yes, some officers of the law catch murderers, thieves and the like. And of course, individual policemen can be nice people. So can drug dealers. Yet, I hate cops because I get a speeding ticket for driving 72 in a 65, and there are people freaking out because they could do real JAIL TIME for having weed in their pocket. I don’t even think drugs are good, but still. Come on, some eighteen year old toking up in his backyard does not hurt anyone. Some say, “Not true! He’s hurting himself!” Alright. We can agree to disagree, even though medical science disagrees with you. Yes, people can become unmotivated pot heads or whatever, but hey, that’s there life to do with as they please. Even if it does hurt them, there’s no law against me punching myself in the face is there? It’s a funny example, but a solid one. Anywho, why do we uphold a system which does not allow people to do as they please (obviously, without causing harm to others)? We literally pay money to a government who pays a policeman who we hate for giving us speeding tickets.

Where did governments come from?

Where did governments come from? Why is the thing even necessary? Well, in the beginning of conscious life people realized it did not behoove them to be subjected to the force of thieves and murderers. So, they decided to stop people from forcing them do things, such as forcing them to stop living or forcing them to have less property by theft.Then they thought, how can we put this into effect over others, which immediately blasted apart what they were trying to stop by forcing others to do things. The bottom line is they wielded sticks and stones, called themselves a government, and went about forcing others to not force them to do things. Government is in itself, a paradox. However, being forced not to do bad things beats being forced to die, so anarchy was pushed away. Then something very bad happened. The thieves and murderers all had children, and these children sat together and tried to find away to still be able to get money, power, etc. without earning it. Then it hit them. If they were the ones in charge of the government they could do WHATEVER they want without any consequences!… Many years later, the United States of America has a government which opposes governmental transparency, is surrounded by conspiracy, fights wars with nonspecific goals and, in short, is not all about the people and protecting them.