Where did governments come from?

Where did governments come from? Why is the thing even necessary? Well, in the beginning of conscious life people realized it did not behoove them to be subjected to the force of thieves and murderers. So, they decided to stop people from forcing them do things, such as forcing them to stop living or forcing them to have less property by theft.Then they thought, how can we put this into effect over others, which immediately blasted apart what they were trying to stop by forcing others to do things. The bottom line is they wielded sticks and stones, called themselves a government, and went about forcing others to not force them to do things. Government is in itself, a paradox. However, being forced not to do bad things beats being forced to die, so anarchy was pushed away. Then something very bad happened. The thieves and murderers all had children, and these children sat together and tried to find away to still be able to get money, power, etc. without earning it. Then it hit them. If they were the ones in charge of the government they could do WHATEVER they want without any consequences!… Many years later, the United States of America has a government which opposes governmental transparency, is surrounded by conspiracy, fights wars with nonspecific goals and, in short, is not all about the people and protecting them.


Any thoughts?

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