I feel like these years
Have been spent
Walking in my sleep
Pinch my arm
But I’m in too deep
I wish I could wake up
But I’m trapped
In this prison created

By me



We could have had it all
But you threw it away
You think you love me
But you live a lie every single day
I think I hate you
No that’s not true
But I wish it was
I thought I loved you

I don’t care about the past
It was great but it’s over now
It will be worth it
The freedom and the loneliness
I’d rather be alone
Than trapped in your spiderweb

Now I can finally see
I’ve washed the dirt from my eyes
Your web is all clear to me
I can finally see your lies
You’re a hypocrite
In the first degree
You did this to someone you loved
You did it all to me

I can’t believe what you’ve done
Thrown away our love
All in the name of fun

In Between

Everyone I’ve ever liked
Is dead
Replaced by shells
They all disappoint
Left me here to fight
To struggle and survive
Makes me wonder
What’s the point

How can I be right
When the world disagrees
Can’t find solace
When there’s turmoil inside me

Help me find the motive
I’m drawing a blank
Hate or love
It doesn’t matter
When the only one
on my side
Who sees like me
Is a mirror

How can I be right
When the world disagrees
Can’t find solace
When there’s turmoil inside me

It’s never enough
Or way too far
Always over the line
I’m stuck in the middle
The greater of two evils
Life’s contradictory
In nature
A perpetual riddle

How many times?

A lesson can be told
Again and again
But mistakes will be made
Time after time
Why can’t we learn
Without doing wrong
Why can’t we avoid
Things that do us harm

And yet here we are
In the same place as before
Too afraid to make a change
Too scared to even try

How many times
Should a lesson be learned
Until it sticks
How many times
Must the wrong path be walked
Until the right one is found
Where can we turn
When we do this to ourselves