Human Mating Rituals

Bugs are weird. Right?

All animals (including humans), insects, fish, etc. reproduce. They instinctively do so. Of course, each individual species does this in different ways. For example, certain butterflies, such as the ones above, attract mates by flashing the designs on their wings in a way other butterflies find attractive, for whatever reason. As a human being, I think this is way weird. When you think about it, though, men do some pretty weird stuff to attract mates. Imagine viewing human mating rituals from the perspective of an alien observer (which probably has been done and studied thoroughly). Guys lifting weights to build muscles they will never use because they think girls like it. Men, with functioning brains (probably not, actually), spending hundreds of dollars on fancy jeans because they think the more money they spend on their meaningless clothes the more girls will want to rip said clothes off of them. Earned money is spent on fake tans, that new hair cut (which everyone already has), fancy shoes and similar appearance-based purchases. Why? To attract the kind of women who buy into fake tans, steroid based muscles, etc. Women who tend to be shallow and stupid (or at least pretend to be stupid). This is only good if you yourself are stupid, in which case you two can go ahead and make stupid babies together.




Medicated World

A pill for this

A pill for that

A pill to make your dick hard

A pill to make you lose fat

Look around you

Check out all the brain dead

Concerned about nothing

But keeping their dick fed

Whats all this mean

I ask myself

The world is sick

It needs some serious help

And not the help

A pill can provide

It has to be discovered

Deep down inside

We should not be afraid of policemen!

We should not be afraid of policemen! By definition, policemen should be the ones protecting the common man. Yet, who the hell likes cops? Should we all think they are bastard pigs? No. They should help us. Yes, some officers of the law catch murderers, thieves and the like. And of course, individual policemen can be nice people. So can drug dealers. Yet, I hate cops because I get a speeding ticket for driving 72 in a 65, and there are people freaking out because they could do real JAIL TIME for having weed in their pocket. I don’t even think drugs are good, but still. Come on, some eighteen year old toking up in his backyard does not hurt anyone. Some say, “Not true! He’s hurting himself!” Alright. We can agree to disagree, even though medical science disagrees with you. Yes, people can become unmotivated pot heads or whatever, but hey, that’s there life to do with as they please. Even if it does hurt them, there’s no law against me punching myself in the face is there? It’s a funny example, but a solid one. Anywho, why do we uphold a system which does not allow people to do as they please (obviously, without causing harm to others)? We literally pay money to a government who pays a policeman who we hate for giving us speeding tickets.

Where did governments come from?

Where did governments come from? Why is the thing even necessary? Well, in the beginning of conscious life people realized it did not behoove them to be subjected to the force of thieves and murderers. So, they decided to stop people from forcing them do things, such as forcing them to stop living or forcing them to have less property by theft.Then they thought, how can we put this into effect over others, which immediately blasted apart what they were trying to stop by forcing others to do things. The bottom line is they wielded sticks and stones, called themselves a government, and went about forcing others to not force them to do things. Government is in itself, a paradox. However, being forced not to do bad things beats being forced to die, so anarchy was pushed away. Then something very bad happened. The thieves and murderers all had children, and these children sat together and tried to find away to still be able to get money, power, etc. without earning it. Then it hit them. If they were the ones in charge of the government they could do WHATEVER they want without any consequences!… Many years later, the United States of America has a government which opposes governmental transparency, is surrounded by conspiracy, fights wars with nonspecific goals and, in short, is not all about the people and protecting them.

Thoughts, or the lack thereof regarding McDonalds

I find it odd people try not to think about specific things. It’s very hard for me to do this. Maybe subconsciously I’m jealous of that ability or something. When I try not to think about something, I end up thinking about not thinking about whatever it may be and how the fact I even thought about it in the first place means I think whatever I thought. Haha I feel like Dr. Seuss. But really, suppressing thoughts is a very odd concept. For example, one time I was eating a McDonald’s’ McGriddle. I don’t like McDonald’s by any means, but it was so close to my school and it was so cheap that I would still eat it, despite how many revolting statistics and stories I have heard (and believe). Anyway, as I was sitting, eating my McGriddle, I found a hard bit of ‘meat’ in my mouth. I remembered I read somewhere or another that hard bits in McDonald’s food is not gristle or anything else like that, but actually ground up bones. Like bone meal. I quietly spat out the tiny bit of hard stuff into the street. I looked at my ‘food’ and thought to myself,

“Don’t think about it, just eat the rest.”

I then thought about what I had just thought to myself and realized what implications lay within it. I was forcing my mind to force my body to consume something which revolts me. Why? Because it was in front of me. I was disgusted by myself and decided at this point to try to never do anythings I had to physically (or metaphysically or psychologically or whatever) force myself not to think about.

Phases, cycles, circles

My taste in music tends to cycle from one genre to another. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I do. I generally switch between hip hop and punk rock, but occasionally dabble in other genres too like various alternative bands, folk, whatever. Of course, I do have some favorite groups who are constantly played on my ipod. No matter what genre I’m currently into, I have one rule:


Of course, the term good is relative to  me and what I feel is ‘good’ at the time, so whatever. I’m a cluster of random bits and pieces of various different things. I like music other people think is weird, because screw them! That’s why! Weird = original. Original = good. Good = whatever I want. Therefore, I like weird music. Some of my favorites are Atmosphere, Eyedea, NOFX, old Green Day (like Dookie), and even some bands like Black Flag. I’ll link some below in case anyone who stumbles upon this is curious.


Eyedea & Abilities


Black Flag

Starting a Blog

As you can see, I’m starting a blog. I’ve meant to do so for a while. Like really a while and now that I’m in college I have plenty of free time. Which is weird because I thought high school was supposed to prepare you for college, and college is about 1000 times better and way easier so far. Oh well. Anywho, I’m blogging, more or less, for me. For my own personal satisfaction. I just want an outlet to pour my absurd and abstract thoughts into so I don’t go crazy. Well, crazier. I’m not here to get famous (but that’d be pretty chill, eh?) but more to put my thoughts down on 21st century paper.