Human Mating Rituals

Bugs are weird. Right?

All animals (including humans), insects, fish, etc. reproduce. They instinctively do so. Of course, each individual species does this in different ways. For example, certain butterflies, such as the ones above, attract mates by flashing the designs on their wings in a way other butterflies find attractive, for whatever reason. As a human being, I think this is way weird. When you think about it, though, men do some pretty weird stuff to attract mates. Imagine viewing human mating rituals from the perspective of an alien observer (which probably has been done and studied thoroughly). Guys lifting weights to build muscles they will never use because they think girls like it. Men, with functioning brains (probably not, actually), spending hundreds of dollars on fancy jeans because they think the more money they spend on their meaningless clothes the more girls will want to rip said clothes off of them. Earned money is spent on fake tans, that new hair cut (which everyone already has), fancy shoes and similar appearance-based purchases. Why? To attract the kind of women who buy into fake tans, steroid based muscles, etc. Women who tend to be shallow and stupid (or at least pretend to be stupid). This is only good if you yourself are stupid, in which case you two can go ahead and make stupid babies together.




Any thoughts?

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