Thoughts, or the lack thereof regarding McDonalds

I find it odd people try not to think about specific things. It’s very hard for me to do this. Maybe subconsciously I’m jealous of that ability or something. When I try not to think about something, I end up thinking about not thinking about whatever it may be and how the fact I even thought about it in the first place means I think whatever I thought. Haha I feel like Dr. Seuss. But really, suppressing thoughts is a very odd concept. For example, one time I was eating a McDonald’s’ McGriddle. I don’t like McDonald’s by any means, but it was so close to my school and it was so cheap that I would still eat it, despite how many revolting statistics and stories I have heard (and believe). Anyway, as I was sitting, eating my McGriddle, I found a hard bit of ‘meat’ in my mouth. I remembered I read somewhere or another that hard bits in McDonald’s food is not gristle or anything else like that, but actually ground up bones. Like bone meal. I quietly spat out the tiny bit of hard stuff into the street. I looked at my ‘food’ and thought to myself,

“Don’t think about it, just eat the rest.”

I then thought about what I had just thought to myself and realized what implications lay within it. I was forcing my mind to force my body to consume something which revolts me. Why? Because it was in front of me. I was disgusted by myself and decided at this point to try to never do anythings I had to physically (or metaphysically or psychologically or whatever) force myself not to think about.


Any thoughts?

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