Phases, cycles, circles

My taste in music tends to cycle from one genre to another. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I do. I generally switch between hip hop and punk rock, but occasionally dabble in other genres too like various alternative bands, folk, whatever. Of course, I do have some favorite groups who are constantly played on my ipod. No matter what genre I’m currently into, I have one rule:


Of course, the term good is relative to  me and what I feel is ‘good’ at the time, so whatever. I’m a cluster of random bits and pieces of various different things. I like music other people think is weird, because screw them! That’s why! Weird = original. Original = good. Good = whatever I want. Therefore, I like weird music. Some of my favorites are Atmosphere, Eyedea, NOFX, old Green Day (like Dookie), and even some bands like Black Flag. I’ll link some below in case anyone who stumbles upon this is curious.


Eyedea & Abilities


Black Flag


Any thoughts?

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